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Classroom Sessions

Education is part of life. It should be fun and challenging... not boring. We, at Creative Pathshala, help students to learn Life Skills through the medium of games and activities.

Outdoor Sessions

Our Outdoor sessions include various Team building activities (like The ball game, Spider web, Jump rope record) and Leadership Activities (like Team Pen).

Camping & Trekking

The objective of Camping & Trekking is to connect children with nature in a fun sharing environment. This inludes nature awareness that will cover some survival skills. It will be structured for fun learning, with plenty of games, and creativity.

Problem Solving Technique

Raising an environmentally literate generation of problem solvers will help ensure that tommorrow's decision-makers are prepared for the challenges they will likely face

Recent Blog

Developing good communication skills

The Communication process is only complete when the receiver understands the sender’s message In other words ‘Communication is exchange of meaningful information between two or more living creatures ‘

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